The Real Deal

8/17 – Cleveland
Last night we stayed at The Language Foundry in Tremont, thanks to Joshua. It is a place for artists to live, work and showcase their talents to a loyal audience. We visit a Capoerra instructor, Dentista, to learn the art of this ancient fighting technique. It is a very spiritual form of expression, combining music, dance, and martial arts. Afterwards, our dream comes true as a red 1957 Chevy Bellaire convertible drives by! We flag the man down and are able to hop a ride. Then its back to the Language Foundry to see Jose’s drumming. Using contact mics and synthesizers he creates an ambient and sometimes violent song. He thinks art in Cleveland is dark because it is a deteriorating city. Its midnight and we are sleeping only 4 miles away. Despite the short distance, our head lights go out. After an hour of twisting and banging we still can’t get them on, so we take back roads and will deal with them later. Stepping into a strangers home, there are branches covering the ceiling and bugs in mason jars. I hope I live through the night.

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Unknown said...

it was great having you guys here. i CANT WAIT to see the WHOLE documentary. Man you two are some kinda fantastic to travel the US and show us whats out there. Be safe and get home before the snow comes a callin'.