Frank McCourt, Yellow Submarine, and Albee Looms

Sunday, July 27 - Waterford, Connecticut back to New York City, New York ... Again
There are a lot of people that people should know on campus today. Most of them are playing croquet. Frank McCourt is wracking up bonus points left and right between practicing his other art: signing copies of Angela’s Ashes. Frank’s brother Malachy says his art is words. He’s not kidding; he’s got the place rolling with theater stories, Irish jokes, and enough wisdom to prove he’s as talented as Frank. Sam Hunter hasn’t won a Pulitzer yet, but he’s close. I Am Montana is the play of the year, but Sam is here to mentor, no autographs please. Max Wilk wrote the screenplay for Yellow Submarine, but he neglects to mention it. He’s more interested in dramaturgy and collaboration with other playwrights. Sam and John Baker offer us a ride back into New York City and we are grateful; Albee is early tomorrow and I’m still not finished reading his biography.

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