Over 6,000 miles. Count em!

Sept 4 - Who knows Colorado
So here is the Question that Jeremy poses: We could camp on the side of the road, in the middle of the Great Plains, with wind a cold air whipping over us... or we could take off our skirts, put on some denim jeans, a pair of sweat pants, eat some steak, and drive through the night. Its only another 7 hours. You know it!
We buy some driving gloves and gas. I begin the drive at 9pm because Jeremy tells me he will do the last leg. The moon wants no part in this, but the wind is up for the challenge. Unfortunately it spends most of the trip slapping my face and trying to get in my cloths.
7 hours later (4 of which I swear were spent by DIA), I'm somehow still driving. Thanks Jeremy. But we are home. 5:30am. Mark it. Its a good thing too. If we were to continue this journey any further, we would need to get some snow tires and doors.


September 3 - Kearney Nebraska
You know what today is???

Oh my god oh my god oh my god. Its a shame we are still 2 days from Denver. And did I mention that its freezing nowadays? I guess we have been on the road for 107 days. Its probably about time to get home.

Frat guys have a soft side too!

Sept 1 - Omaha
If Omaha is the middle of America. Then Kearney, NE is the middle of the middle. Luckily UNK is located there and there in lies a Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity house, my Alma Mater. Luckily they have 2 spare couches and a brother that plays guitar (Collin Grimes). He is only 19 but has a classical acoustic guitar sound for the ages. And you thought all frat guys would only be into Jack Johnson or JayZ. Phhht. The Nebraska roads are still there, still long.

Omaha, the beginning of the end

Sept 1 - Omaha
So this is our last state before our home state. And Omaha marks the beginning of 3 very long days. Ever driven through Nebraska? Ever driven it on a golf cart? Me neither. But I'm about to attempt it. We rest up before the last long hall.