Wiz Wit! or Pete's vs. Geno's Cheesesteaks

Wednesday, July 2 – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
A graffiti artist covers his face before we can film him: he does some tagging around Philly too and doesn’t want to be recognized. Ironic. He’s from Colorado and gives us a shout out by painting “303” on his section. He goes by Pablo. A nice warm up for ...

The Philadelphia Mural Arts Program is amazing. Period. Started as part of an anti-graffiti movement, it turned the talents of graffiti artists into a positive community-building experience, Jane Golden tells us. Now, there are over 2,800 murals throughout Philly. We paint the side of a police building with Mayor Michael Nutter.

“Wiz wit” I yell to the guy at Geno’s. “Wiz wit” Jeremy yells to the guy at Pete’s across the street. It’s the only way to order your Philly cheese steak (wiz=cheese wiz, wit=with onions). Jeremy’s was probably crappy. Not that there’s a rivalry there!


Anonymous said...

For the record it's Pat's steaks... not Pete's... it'a Pat's on one corner and Gino's on the other.. just thought ya like to get it right..!

Jeremy Make said...

Pats, yes, thank you. Andy is really competitive; he's tumbling down the smear campaign trail.