Older Than The '57 Chevy. And A Better Dancer

Monday, June 30 – Washington DC to Wynnewood, Pennsylvania
It’s early. But Washington is up. Sean Babington lobbies on the Hill for Earthjustice in hopes of preserving Mother Earth.

A relatively quick drive to Bea and Sydney Make in Wynnewood, who stayed up late for us. They’ve been married 63 years, and I imagine it’s past their bedtime at 11pm.

Pop Pop Syd’s art is somewhere between dentistry, dancing, and playing gin. Grandmom Bea, 82, says her art is taking care of Pop Pop, 89.

Grandmom Bea's mother had a 1957 Chevy Belair ... in 1957.

Miles traveled today: 146
Total miles traveled: 3526

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