The Gayest Person Ever

Tuesday, July 8 - New York, New York!
South Street Seaport has a great view of the artist-built waterfalls flowing over the Brooklyn Bridge. Reminds me of Christo and Jeanne-Claude’s environmental installation work like the future project Over The River (6.7 miles of reflective, translucent fabric panels to be set over the Arkansas River on steel cables anchored into the river's banks). Grand art for a grand city.

Joel Derfner is gay. Really gay. You might say that’s his art, but more likely it’s composing music theater. Andy participates by writing a kART Across America showtune with the Harvard linguistics major and author of Swish: My Quest To Become The Gayest Person Ever and Gay Haiku. Jeremy participates by writing Straight Haiku.

Hey, man, what is that?
I don’t know, but it looks neat.
Hold on, I’ll shoot it.

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