Sweet Tea, Cornbread, and A Generous Helping of Southern Hospitality

Friday, June 13 - Meridian, Mississippi to Birmingham, Alabama
The tent sheltered us from the rain but nothing solves the morning heat issue like McDonald’s breakfast inside Wal-Mart for three hours.

In Tuscaloosa, Alabama, WVUA television is doing a story about fuel prices at the gas station where we’re filling up. They wanna talk.

City Cafe insists we stay for fried chicken, oakra, cornbread, green beans, mashed potatoes and gravy, sweet tea, and the home cookin’ service to match. They won’t even accept a tip.

The Flamingo Room handed us key lime cake with cream cheese icing and pink lemonade just before our interview.

Jean Ignatz is painting portraits and telling us that art doesn’t have to be precious: you can always begin again.

Matt, Matt’s mother, and Carolina are waiting for us in the hilliest city yet, Birmingham, Alabama. Andy gets out and walks alongside the kart to expedite the uphill portions.

Miles traveled today: 153
Total miles traveled: 2503

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