Star Wars Fans Unite!

Tuesday, July 22 - New York, New York!
James Vogel’s art hasn’t been invented yet, he says. He creates puppets and costumes out of foam, plastic, paint, scissors, and glue for Broadway productions and New York festivities. The Lord Farquaad head is in the mail to the producers of the upcoming Broadway production of Shrek: The Musical. We’re set to the task of making foam light bulbs for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Ours is the 11th from the back if you’re tuning in.

Caution: the light saber has an infinite number of cutting surfaces making it the deadliest weapon in the world (galaxy? universe?). Andy learns the basic steps of light saber fighting from Master Flynn. Next is creating a character and choreographing a fight scene for national competition. Star Wars fans are right at home in Washington Square Park.

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