I'm A Medium For Kurt Cobain

Thursday, June 19 - Clemson, South Carolina to Charlotte, North Carolina
Jeremy sees a candy-apple red, 1957 Chevy Belair driving in the opposite direction — the EXACT make and model of dear Christine! A yelp and a hard left sends our GPS unit flying into the street to get run over by dear Christine herself (“Oh, sweet irony”). We couldn’t even catch up with the Chevy for a photo so we laid the GPS to rest somewhere in North Carolina.

Ric Standridge finds inspiration in the Beatles, Kiss, the Rolling Stones. He always turns the music up. To participate, we crank Nirvana and put the paint to canvas. Ric and I cap ours with the simple phrase, "Art in USA?" Judging from the outcome on his, Jeremy has creepy dreams.

Couch Surfing hosts Lee Knight and Dana are having a baby. Jeremy is fascinated by the two lesbians and their pregnancy. He bombards them with questions as we share cookies and soy milk.

Miles traveled today: 146
Total miles traveled: 2948

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