"Andy, It's Carla. She Wants To Know If We Want Company. I Said Yes."

Monday, June 23 - Winston-Salem, North Carolina to South Hill, Virginia
Jeremy picks me up from the Greensboro Airport in the kart. On Route 49, it looks like a prayer circle on the side of the road. Naturally, we stop. 80 people are WALKING across the country! The Great Walk II is about preserving the environment and celebrating the mix of black, Asian, Native American, and white cultures. They’re doing it drug free.

Virgilina (literally on the border between Virginia and North Carolina) is not much more than a stoop to sit on, and the accents are the thickest I’ve heard. A rough older man denies having an art but finally admits to keeping one Hell of a tomato garden and a traveler to boot.

It’s raining after dinner in South Hill, so we opt for the cheapest motel we can find. The smell of smoke and bad decisions hits us like a brick wall. Our phone rings. Its Carla from next door asking Jeremy if we want some company. Yes! She stumbles to the bed and lights a cigarette. Jeremy turns on the camera. We can only have company if the camera is off, and with that she leaves.

Miles traveled today: 152
Total miles traveled: 3185

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