Its been 3 months since I've eaten

July 30 - Providence, RI
This is a great day. Providence has a great vibe. And not only do we valet the golf cart for the first time, but we are also interviewing the Chef Partner of Fleming's Steak House. With out a question, the art of preparing and serving an exquisite meal is one of our favorite arts to witness and take part in. Mike Civali prepares the best meal we have had in a long time. Mike likes the Ribeye over the Filet. You think I would go against the chef's recommendation?? Compliments to the Chef!


July 30 - Connecticut College
Did I mention I love driving the back roads of America at 30 miles an hour? how else would we run into a sea of sunflowers? Did I mention I hate breaking down for 2 hours on the side of the road only to have George tell me to hit something with a wrench and then have it actually fix whatever problem we were having? Well I get both today. We also manage to swing through Jeremy's School for a photo opp. See Connecticut College? You give years of dedication and training to your students, so they can go out and... drive a golf cart... around America... to find art?? What?

Last day in NY, I swear.

July 29 - Michael Nappi
We head to Queens to check out a rising name in the music industry, Michael Nappi. Michael considers his art writing songs, and we see first hand as he and his producer, Steve Buonanotte, bounce melodies and lyrics back and forth until gold is made! (Or should say platinum). He lets me try some backup vocals, and for whatever reason I sound like a soulfull black woman. Who Knew?

Edward Albee!

July 28 - New York, NY
Among his many accomplishments, Edward Albee has won 3 Pulitzer Prizes for Drama and a special Tony award for Lifetime Achievement. He is, without a doubt, one of the greatest American playwrights is history. And he is Jeremy's hero. Jeremy is pretty excited before the interview, but manages to keep it cool. To hear what Albee says about his art, you will just have to watch the documentary!

Frank McCourt, Yellow Submarine, and Albee Looms

Sunday, July 27 - Waterford, Connecticut back to New York City, New York ... Again
There are a lot of people that people should know on campus today. Most of them are playing croquet. Frank McCourt is wracking up bonus points left and right between practicing his other art: signing copies of Angela’s Ashes. Frank’s brother Malachy says his art is words. He’s not kidding; he’s got the place rolling with theater stories, Irish jokes, and enough wisdom to prove he’s as talented as Frank. Sam Hunter hasn’t won a Pulitzer yet, but he’s close. I Am Montana is the play of the year, but Sam is here to mentor, no autographs please. Max Wilk wrote the screenplay for Yellow Submarine, but he neglects to mention it. He’s more interested in dramaturgy and collaboration with other playwrights. Sam and John Baker offer us a ride back into New York City and we are grateful; Albee is early tomorrow and I’m still not finished reading his biography.

Edward Albee's Gonna See Right Through Me

Saturday, July 26 - Waterford, Connecticut
I’ve got some reading to do. About and by Edward Albee. Our interview with my hero is on Monday and I’m only halfway through his biography. Andy eats fresh fish at Fred’s Shanty. Catch up (catsup?) day.

Interns Rock

Friday, July 25 - Waterford, Connecticut
We’ve been instructed to stop in Bridgeport, Connecticut to see George’s family and talk with the Connecticut Post. Of course, as soon as we try and fix one problem, the floodgates open. We’re stuck in Southport for 3 hours and barely would have made it to the Intern Party at the Eugene O’Neill Theater Center if it didn't last all night long. An outdoor stage has been converted into a dance party complete with light show and iPod-driven beats. Dancing into the wee hours of the night. Jeremy insists on getting footage of the sunrise as the rest of the city sleeps.

Bodies Stripped

Wednesday, July 23 - New York, New York!

At Bodies: The Exhibition, the lighting is dim, but Ken Talberth is bright in his discussion of polymer preservation as art. Andy and I walk through the exhibit in silence, filming bodies stripped of their skin in pursuit of science and education. It’s fascinating, appropriate, and harrowing.

Von Hottie cools us down (or heats us up?) with a cocktail named for her invigorating flare. Much needed after posing half-nude in Times Square with the guerilla performance artist with her own pin-up calendar.

Star Wars Fans Unite!

Tuesday, July 22 - New York, New York!
James Vogel’s art hasn’t been invented yet, he says. He creates puppets and costumes out of foam, plastic, paint, scissors, and glue for Broadway productions and New York festivities. The Lord Farquaad head is in the mail to the producers of the upcoming Broadway production of Shrek: The Musical. We’re set to the task of making foam light bulbs for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Ours is the 11th from the back if you’re tuning in.

Caution: the light saber has an infinite number of cutting surfaces making it the deadliest weapon in the world (galaxy? universe?). Andy learns the basic steps of light saber fighting from Master Flynn. Next is creating a character and choreographing a fight scene for national competition. Star Wars fans are right at home in Washington Square Park.

Where The Hell Is Matt?

July 11-July 20 - Where The Hell Is Matt?
Between Andy and I, we have 4 weddings in 9 days and time in 6 different states. In the meantime, we’re watching the most inspirational video to ever hit YouTube. See you in a few weeks. Get ready for Edward Albee.

The Gayest Person Ever

Tuesday, July 8 - New York, New York!
South Street Seaport has a great view of the artist-built waterfalls flowing over the Brooklyn Bridge. Reminds me of Christo and Jeanne-Claude’s environmental installation work like the future project Over The River (6.7 miles of reflective, translucent fabric panels to be set over the Arkansas River on steel cables anchored into the river's banks). Grand art for a grand city.

Joel Derfner is gay. Really gay. You might say that’s his art, but more likely it’s composing music theater. Andy participates by writing a kART Across America showtune with the Harvard linguistics major and author of Swish: My Quest To Become The Gayest Person Ever and Gay Haiku. Jeremy participates by writing Straight Haiku.

Hey, man, what is that?
I don’t know, but it looks neat.
Hold on, I’ll shoot it.

Oysters Blessed By A Rabbi

Friday, July 4 – New York, New York!
Jeremy heads upstate for a weekend of Italian family feasts, cigars, home-brewed beer, ATVing, oyster shooters (is that kosher?), family flip cup, and a soft bed. I stayed for the fireworks.

The Poor Man's Smart Car

Thursday, July 3 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Chappaqua, New York
Hoping to be in New York for the Fourth of July, we book it through Morristown, New Jersey where a journalist asks us for an interview in an article he titles “The Poor Man’s Smart Car.” Gentleman and Scholar Dan Meyers calls from Colorado Public Radio: he’d like to do a follow-up interview (the first was in April), this time from the road. He asks if we’re still having fun. We’re surprised by our own answer, “Every day is new, interesting, free, and joyous.”

(Photo courtesy of

Miles traveled today: 160
Total miles traveled: 3686

Wiz Wit! or Pete's vs. Geno's Cheesesteaks

Wednesday, July 2 – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
A graffiti artist covers his face before we can film him: he does some tagging around Philly too and doesn’t want to be recognized. Ironic. He’s from Colorado and gives us a shout out by painting “303” on his section. He goes by Pablo. A nice warm up for ...

The Philadelphia Mural Arts Program is amazing. Period. Started as part of an anti-graffiti movement, it turned the talents of graffiti artists into a positive community-building experience, Jane Golden tells us. Now, there are over 2,800 murals throughout Philly. We paint the side of a police building with Mayor Michael Nutter.

“Wiz wit” I yell to the guy at Geno’s. “Wiz wit” Jeremy yells to the guy at Pete’s across the street. It’s the only way to order your Philly cheese steak (wiz=cheese wiz, wit=with onions). Jeremy’s was probably crappy. Not that there’s a rivalry there!

Breakfast Tastes Better In Yiddish

Tuesday, July 1 – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
We wake to a large breakfast spread. Jeremy’s grandparents are amazing! Syd came close to death a few years ago, so at 89 he feels like he got a “bonus” on life and lives it well. He is loving and speaks in a falsetto. Bea is helpful in mapping our trip to New York and murmurs things in Yiddish while she over feeds me with fresh berries, cereal, and homemade rugelach (it’s a Jewish Danish).

George is considering meeting us in Connecticut to pick up another of his golf karts and join us for a ride.

What if ... ?