Wind, Roosters, And Sunrise: The Perfect Storm

Tuesday, May 27 - Las Cruces, New Mexico to ?, Texas
The Bean coffeeshop for wireless internet access, a loaf of banana nut bread, and a soy chai smoothie.

Headed to Marfa, Texas next. Expecting the largest drive yet: 274 miles.

Andy’s blogging now:

Lush farm land surrounds us. These are the drives that make travel in a golf kart a luxury.

And terrifying.

“Did you turn off the lights?” I ask, 70 miles outside of El Paso at the only truck stop we’ve seen in hours.

“No,” Jeremy says. We sit in silence. “Did you?” he asks me.


I remove the seat and squeeze some wires together. It worked before. It works again. The lights are on.

Flicker, flicker 50 yards out of the light. Darkness. Raul asks if we need help and guides us back to the truck stop and drives away. It’s eerie. We pitch a tent. 1am.

The wind starts up, whipping across the open Texas plains at what must be 70 mph, twice the speed of the golf kart.

Jeremy is anchoring his body against the side of the tent. So that we don’t blow away?

I don’t know whether to laugh or scream. 3 hours of this. The rooster is crowing. No gas, no food, no cars, but a rooster whose clock is set to Atlantic Standard Time. It’s 4am and the sun isn’t even close to rising. We pack up (a feat in wind this brisk) and get back on the road.

We need oil.

Miles traveled today: 123
Total miles traveled: 939

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