Light, Dark, Light, Dark

Thursday, May 22 - Phoenix, Arizona
Rachel Richards owns a shop in downtown Phoenix called Bunky. She doesn’t think of herself as an artist but she’s got style and the outside wall of her clothing store is tagged with graffiti art.

Erin Garmon teaches art to troubled teens. She encourages her students to create dark artwork rather than acting on their dark and violent fantasies.

Wayne Michael Reich
has problems with the Phoenix art scene. He wants the work to be better and knows what it will take to bring business to town. His paintings lean towards comic book fury, his nude photography very sexual.

Chris Benavidez improvises on the saxophone for us at his house and tells us about the problems and rewards of the medications he’s been taking.

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Anonymous said...

I want to applaud you for including Erin. She is a beautiful soul and does nothing short of amazing work with those kids. Anyone who's blessed to be in her art room will leave with a piece of her creativity and her heart.