Everyone Needs A Little Klezmer At 8am

Sunday, May 18 - Joshua Tree, California to Los Angeles, California
No one sleeps when camping. Especially when the music rises with the sun. The eclectic Luminescent Orchestrii is rocking though. “Madcap ethnic dance music” they call it. Tango, klezmer, fiddles and a stand-up bass.

Nature is dressed in green — neon green — with a bicycle hat with the brim flipped up. He travels the festival circuit setting up spirituality rings at the entrance. Statues, sculptures, rocks, branches, vibrant and earthy colors. Andy lays a bundle of dried flowers in the center and prays for a safe journey. I put one atop a statue of a Hindu god and pray that I find love.

We find pho (traditional Vietnamese broth, noodles, meat) on the way home.

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