Squirrels, Mosquitoes, and Fireballs, Oh My!

Monday, June 2 - Austin, Texas
Smithing today. As in blacksmithing. Shannon Von Wright has great spirit and compassion in her. Efficient, honest, a noble teacher.

I make a hook. Shannon’s impressed with my hook. Jeremy makes a sailboat. I’m actually impressed by his sailboat.

Shannon lets us shower under her outdoor showerhead. I think there’s a squirrel watching me. Jeremy says a mosquito bit his penis.

John Arthur is lighting alcohol on fire and spewing it across the bar at Treasure Island. Not even a weekday can slow the 6th Street craziness. We’re homeless ... again. John supplies a bed and couch at after leading us and golf kart through the streets of Austin at 4am. I win the Ro-Sham-Bo, Jeremy takes the couch.

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