Ritchie Valens Sounds A Lot Like The Rolling Stones

Wednesday, June 4 - Thursday, June 5 - Houston, Texas
Jeremy’s blogging now while we’re in Houston to catch up, relax, download pictures, let the rents know we’re not dead.

Salsa/Cuban/African/Spanish/rock music in the park. Andy gets on stage to sing La Bamba (or something by the Stones?). He’s rockin’ out like it’s the Stones, even if it’s actually La Bamba.

I jump in the Conga line with the old ladies. The cute, younger ones do the filming for us.

Yvonne Tims sings for us with even more soul than when she sang years ago at the World’s Fair.

A new tequila recommendation from our waiter leads to Big Buck Hunter, pictures with calendar girls at the bar, cowboy hats, and more RockBand until 3am.

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