The Pump Isn't Pumping

Sunday, May 25 - Spafford, Arizona to Las Cruces, New Mexico
Leslie wasn’t joking. She knocks at 6am and tells us to leave. We eat cereal and bagels and muffins and oranges and drink milk and orange juice and jump on the road with danishes in napkins.

The kart begins to putter somewhere between Deming and Hatch, New Mexico. Fuel isn’t getting to the engine. Andy replaces the fuel pump with the spare electric pump. I stand far away and film the inevitable explosion (it never comes).

The electric pump isn’t pumping.

Andy switches it back to the first pump.

Who knew driving a golf kart around the country would be so difficult?

Elizabeth Vega and a dinner party are waiting for us in Las Cruces.

We make it to a gas station in Hatch, New Mexico and try the electric pump again. It works. She’s running smoothly and the noise is only slightly louder.

There’s a parade stopping traffic on the highway. A religious parade. Nuns being carried on a float, a priest adorned with gold and flowers and dressed in white.

Elizabeth greets us in Las Cruces, New Mexico, cooks garlic and chicken and mashed potatoes, and takes us to a backyard campfire at Josh Wheeler’s. Everyone here is an artist. Josh, Rachel, Kevin, Blaze, Joe, Elizabeth. And everyone drinks whiskey and Tecate. It's our first Couch Surfing experience, and it's a great one.

Miles traveled today: 249
Total miles traveled: 816

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