Planes, Trains, And Golf Karts

Monday, May 19 - Rialto, California
Trek to George Bombardier’s by car, bus, and train (all we’re missing is boat and horseback). George is 68 years old. He has the balls of a 21-year old and the waning health of a 91-year old. He refused to go to the hospital yesterday on the recommendation of his doctors. He hates doctors. He loves building things, like golf karts.

He maps out his route, shows us video and newspaper clippings, talks until 2am. George is gentle but tough and a absolutely crazy. He’s driven his beloved “Christine” from California to Connecticut three times, the last trip in 2003. He wanted to see his kids. He made it in 10 days once. By back roads.

I set the alarm for 4am.

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Anonymous said...

Just meet George today at the Sheetz gas station here in York, Pennsylvania.