I'm Fairly Certain Mosquitoes Can Bite Through Fingernails

Friday, June 6 - Houston, Texas
Well rested and ready for the Art Car Museum. Totally funkified automobiles decked out with seashells, steel fish scales, trinkets, crocodile skulls, figures of the Virgin Mary, duct tape ... lots of duct tape (I wonder if anyone has made a duct tape car ... would it run on rubber cement?).

And we’re off to New Orleans. Now that we’re out of Texas, the mustache is no more. Andy will have to live vicariously through someone else’s facial hair.

Campsites cost money. Hotel rooms cost money. Couchsurfers aren’t in every city. Why not sleep at a Church?

How’s the First United Pentecostal Church of Kinder for ya? God has sent the mosquitoes as punishment for our transgressions. We zip the tent with at least a dozen zipped in with us.

Miles traveled today: 192
Total miles traveled: 1913

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