Saturday, May 31 - Del Rio, Texas to Austin, Texas
Yeah, like we’re not going to call for a late check out ...

Barely in San Antonio by 6pm (with more than 100 miles to go before Austin). Nails in three of our seven tires.

Ripping, stabbing, pumping, plugging, wiggling, pulling, cutting. This is what it takes to fix a flat. I rip out the nail with pliers, stab the hole to open it up (am I really making the hole bigger to then plug it up?), pump fix-a-flat goo and air in through the valve, plug the hole with rubber cement-laced straws of tire tread, wiggle the jamming tool out, pulling part of the straw with it, cut off the end of the straw. Repeat as necessary (three fucking times).

1am. We finally arrive at Rodger Hoofnagle’s house. The kids are asleep, the beer is cold, and the trampoline is prepped for Jeremy to jump and then pass out hard. We talk about our old job together. “Hoof” moved on to a higher salary and more responsibility. I quit to drive a golf kart across the country.

Miles traveled today: 234
Total miles traveled: 1553

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