Hey There, Cupcake, Wanna Pillowfight?

Sunday, June 1 - Austin, Texas
I’m on the floor. Sharing a bed with Jeremy didn’t sound appealing last night.

Madi, Hoof’s oldest daughter at about 7 years old, wants to drive the kart. Jeremy assists from shotgun.

In Austin, it’s straight to Hey, Cupcake, a mobile home converted into a cupcake stand. We met the owner in Marfa; he promised us a free one. Jeremy participates in an art by squeezing whipped cream into the center of his pastry with Rose’s help (Lady and the Tramp style to boot).

It’s hot, we head to the river but get distracted by a homeless man with a guitar. We pull over and park and get distracted again by girls playing volleyball. Jeremy learns the art of setting and spiking ... kind of. Shalee and John are good teachers: they’ve been playing every weekend this year and since 8am today.

Tough girls at the Roller Derby John and Shalee invite us to. Chola sets a new Roller Derby record: she is ejected from the game ... twice! (She threw a girl to the ground the first time and spit at the ref the second). Penalties take the form of pillow fights and spankings but pillows are abandoned quickly when the girls go for all out brawls instead.

Headhunters bar afterwards and a round of drinks for the Derby girls on Bellco Credit Union (Jeremy received a gift card from Laura Higgins, the Director of Marketing, for his work in the commercials).

Nowhere to sleep. John and Shalee save the day.

JOHN/SHALEE: Just ask. Cut the foreplay and just ask, man.
ANDY/JEREMY: Wou--Would that be a problem?
JOHN/SHALEE: Is it a problem for you to ask?
ANDY/JEREMY: Can I stay at your place?
JOHN/SHALEE: (indifferently) Yeah.

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