Playboy Bunnies vs. Christine

Friday, May 23 - Phoenix, Arizona
John Tsaninos at Procart Industries agrees to take a look at Christine, see if he can help us out. He doesn’t know where to start. He wants to cut the body, put it onto a newer Club Car with better wiring, less of a mess around the gas engine. John’s working on a custom build for Hugh Hefner’s girlfriends and the playmates at the Playboy Mansion, and his shop holds the world’s longest golf cart and dozens of other sick rides. None have the character and poise of Christine, but we cover her eyes nonetheless.

John sends us away with three better tires for the back, a handle on the passenger side, and a quick cleaning. We’re as grateful as we’ve been for the better handling on the Phoenix streets and the shine on the hood.

Rock Band and Wii Mario Kart happen until 3am.

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