Adam's Geodescent Dome of Eyeballs

Thursday, May 29 - Marfa, Texas
11am. Thankful for the recovery from the violently loud camping escapades yesterday. Stupid wind with its stupid blowingness.

Food Shark for lunch. It’s an old, metal trailer Adam drives into town every day. Middle Eastern kick to it: falafel, curry, lamb. Strange considering there are only two other restaurants in town. I set up a meeting with Adam later tonight at his geodescent dome of eyeballs (it makes sense in person).

Until two years ago, Rachel tells me, Marfa residents drove more than 30 miles to find the closest laundromat.

Minimalism at the Chinati Foundation that preserves Donald Judd’s work, the cultural guru who spurred the Marfa art scene. Boxes made of steel. Lightbulbs of neon blue, green, pink, yellow. We dance in front of them and make our own art.

Buck and Camp are fantastic. Free spirits of a new-age Wild West. They bought the first church in Marfa and converted it into a work space and home. Camp tells us about his woodwork, Buck tells us about how proud she is of her husband.

Off to Adam’s dome. Camp brings the tequila, we bring the golf kart. Eyeballs on television sets. Creepy and totally awesome at the same time.

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Anonymous said...

used to bus tables-shoot stuff and blow up hairspray cans with the earth pig back in the 90's.trying to track em down.anny suggestions?